TPBS Production is the market leader in the manufacturing of pipeline systems according to world standards.

Over the years, the plant has established itself as a stable partner in the manufacturing of pipeline systems operating under pressure for nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, petrochemical and oil and gas industries. The company has provided delivery of products to more than 70 power plants in different parts of the world

TPBS Production's capacities make it possible to produce about 4000 tons of pipeline elements annually, which become an integral part of modern and safe power systems of nuclear power plants and thermal power plants around the world. One of the largest consumers of products in the field of oil and gas production and processing are oil producing companies in the Middle East.

The largest manufacturers of boiler pipe in Ukraine and Germany, metallurgical plants and machine-building plants became TPBS partners. Their products allow us to fulfill orders that meet international quality and safety standards. Among the equipment suppliers are domestic machine builders (LLC “Фрониус-Ukraine”, CJSC “Kerammash”, LLC “HEZ PTM”), and foreign companies (Weldotherm (Germany), ABC Schafer (Germany), Messer (Germany), Faccin (Italy), YXLON (Germany), ESAB (Sweden).

TPBS Production has the technical and production capabilities to manufacture and ship products as soon as possible to its customers in the event of prompt repair of power facilities of TPPs, NPPs and the oil and gas complex.

The plant is located in the Kharkov oblast, Chuguev region, village Malinovka with a total area of 2.6 hectares. The company employs over 400 people.

General director of TPBS Production is Timur Salukha.
Shareholders are Vyacheslav Erkes, Anar Karabovskaya.


  • 2007 – the project was approved and construction and installation work began for a new production complex for the manufacture of pipeline elements for thermal and nuclear power plants, metallurgy and petrochemical enterprises.
  • 2010 – opening of a plant for the manufacture and supply of high, medium and low pressure pipelines. The production area of the first stage is 35,000 m2. New standards in line with modern process and manufacturing requirements also include detailed design and engineering.
  • 2016 – change of plant owners and creation of a new company TPBS Production, part of TBPS Group AG, reaching a new production level with a new expert team in the pipe business.
  • June 10, 2020 – the end of the rebranding and transformation of TMM-Energobud Management LTD into an enterprise LLC "TPBS Production" (TPBS). Unification under a single brand of all enterprises of the TPBS Group holding for more effective communication with international clients.
  • 2020 – delivered more than 17,000 tons of pipelines for energy and oil and gas facilities around the world.

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