TPBS Production manufactures pipelines (up to 1200 mm in diameter) for the oil industry that transport crude oil, oil products and gas. These raw materials are transported by aboveground and underground pipelines, as well as underwater.

Oil and gas pipelines operate continuously, are critical infrastructure facilities and ensure the stable operation of the economies of countries whose enterprises actively use hydrocarbons in their production. Pipelines transporting oil and gas are much safer than railway and road tankers used to transport energy carriers.

Trunk oil and gas pipelines produced by TPBS are manufactured and operate using uniform safety standards for all countries through whose territory they pass. In their manufacture, protective pipe coatings from external influences are used for above-ground, underground and underwater laying according to ТU 2458- 065- 057578 48- 2011, ТU 1394- 015- 057578 48-2011, ТU 1390- 063- 0575784 8-2012, DNV RP F106, Shell GSI, DIN 30670, API 5L2 (RP 5L2), ISO 15741 and etc.

The production of pipelines for the oil and gas industry has a number of operational parameters:

  • pressure of the transported medium and its temperature
  • aggressiveness of the transported and environment medium in relation to the metal of pipelines
  • pipeline ovality and ambient temperature.

Taking into account each of these characteristics, the selection of the steel grade for production is applied. On the territory of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and other post-Soviet countries, traditional steel grades are used in the manufacture of pipelines (09Г2С, 09ГСФ, 08ГБЮ, 09ГБЮ, 22ГЮ, 17Г1С, 17Г1С-У, 13ХФА, 20Ф, 08ХМФЧА, 08Х14Ф, 08Х14МФ, 08Х18Н10, 08Х13 per GOST 10705-80, ТU 14-3Р -1471 -2002, ТU 1104 -38000 -05757848 - 0001 -96, ТU 1303 -164 - 0147016 -01, strength classes К38-К60). In countries where oil and gas pipelines are designed according to Western standards, pipes are made from steel grades Gr.BХ80, L245 – L555 API 5L (PSL1; PSL 2)

TPBS Production is engaged in the manufacture of pipelines for leading Ukrainian and foreign companies in the oil industry (Ukrtransgaz, Cherkasitransgaz, Ukrgazvydobuvannya, customers in the UAE).