The pipelines used in thermal power engineering are intended for transportation of hot water and steam with higher parameters in comparison with NPP pipelines. In the production of pipelines for thermal generations, TPBS Production uses both traditional and modern specialized heat-resistant steels (grades P91 and P92 with increased performance characteristics). They are used in modern power units with high efficiency rates.

Pipelines for TPPs are manufactured according to domestic and international standards from seamless and welded pipes, sheet steel and steel forgings from carbon, low-alloy and stainless steel grades according to standards GOST, ТU, EN, DIN, ASTM and ASME.

Stages of the manufacturing process:

  • plasma cutting of pipes and rolled metal
  • bending pipes on induction machines (in one or two planes)
  • cold bending
  • machining
  • heat treatment
  • automatic welding

Technical capabilities:

  • Permissible operating parameters of steam supplied pipelines: pressure up to 300 kgf/cm2, temperature up to 600°C.
  • Outer diameter of processed pipes for steam lines: up to 1020 mm, maximum wall thickness up to 100 mm.
  • Range of pipe bending angles: from 1° to 180° with 1° increment, bending radii: from R = 1.1 Dн and more within the capabilities of the mills.

List of fittings and assembly elements of pipelines:

  • straight pipes with welded ends;
  • bent pipes with a ratio R / Dн> 3 (R - bending radius, mm, Dн - pipe outer diameter, mm);
  • sharply bent pipes with ratio R/Dн 1,4 – 3;
  • elbows without straight sections with ratio R/Dн 1 – 2;
  • tee branches (tees) and forks stamped (turned), forged, welded equal and transitional, with an elongated neck;
  • stamped, welded and forged and turned reducers;
  • stamped, turned, flanged, flat, elliptical plugs;
  • collar, flat flanges;
  • welded-in orifice devices - flow meters;
  • nozzles, bosses, plugs, etc.

Manufacturing standards for pipeline manufacturing:

  • EN 10253-2, 4;
  • ISO 3834;
  • MSS-SP75;
  • ASME B31.1;
  • ASME B16.25.

TPBS Production supplies pipelines in the form of shaped parts, assembly units and enlarged assembly units (blocks) of pipelines. The block consists of several shaped elements connected by welded joints, in accordance with the project design documentation.

Products are preserved in metal containers or wooden boxes in accordance with technical and regulatory documents. A protective coating is applied to the packaging for the period of transportation and storage with the obligatory sealed installation of plugs on the ends. At the request of the customer, products can be packaged and labeled in accordance with their transportation conditions. Shipment to the consumer from the territory of the plant is carried out by road and rail.

Products are exported according to the FEACN Classifier by code 7308 90 98 00.