The main products of the TPBS Production pipeline production are pipeline systems and related equipment for the transportation of steam and hot water of I-IV categories. More than 17,000 tons of products were supplied for the needs of nuclear power plants in Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, India, Bangladesh, Bulgaria and other countries.

In addition to the main pipelines that interconnect the individual NPP units, the enterprise ensures the manufacture of auxiliary elements of different parameters (pressure, temperature) and purposes:

  • pipelines of the main circulation circuit
  • auxiliary reactor circuit
  • active slurry pipelines
  • feed and condensate
  • pipelines of live and selected steam, drainage

Depending on the transported medium (water, steam, steam-water mixture, air) and the level of its radioactivity, the frequency of operation of the pipeline systems (continuous or periodic), the design services of TPBS Production develop the corresponding working design documentation (WDC) before launching into manufacture.

The company provides manufacturing and delivery of pipelines from seamless and welded pipes, forgings and sheet steel. All pipelines with a temperature of the transported medium in them above 45℃ must have thermal insulation. More critical pipelines have metal sheathing (sheet aluminum or galvanized steel).

Among the steel grades for pipes in the nuclear power industry, steel grades ОХ18Н10Т are widespread at the plant. They have general corrosion resistance to maintain high purity of reactor water as well as in decontamination systems.