Timur Salukha, Director General of LLC “TPBS Production” at his annual address to the company's employees has summarized the results of work in 2021.
As for the end of 2021, the company's staff is 477 employees, having increased for 44 specialists during the year.
The average income of the company's employees has been increased by 10% and amounts to 19,700 UAH. TPBS Production is always interested and needs the qualified specialists: welders, lathe machines operators, specialists on non-destructive testing.
According to the results of the fourth quarter and all of 2021, the company received a profit. In 2021, the company paid taxes in the amount of 51.5 million UAH to the budgets of all levels.
According to information received from the Commercial Director - R.I. Janashiya in 2021, TPBS Production shipped 2000 tons for nuclear power plants for customers from India, Turkey, Bangladesh and Ukraine.

In 2021, the company completed the following:

  • delivery of the first order for the oil and gas industry of Qatar;
  • has mastered the technique of welding and bending of pipelines made of titanium;
  • has established and consolidated cooperation within the production cooperation with enterprises from different regions of Ukraine, as well as Europe.

The company continues to support the "Prosperity" Charitable Fund, which is actively involved in the public life.
In 2021, the charity budget amounted to 500,000 UAH, thanks to which the lanterns were installed in the park area of the city of Chuguev and on the streets of the Malinovka settlement, equipment was purchased for the Chuguev Central District Hospital and for the "CHANCE" Rehabilitation Center, which is specialized on rehabilitation of disabled children.
Also, the Fund provides assistance to the residents of the Malinovka settlement, who are in a difficult financial situation, in the form of essential goods and clothing, helps the orphaned children in the form of supplying them with the things required to study, such as laptops, and others.
Having understand the needs of the customer and having a portfolio of orders for a year and a half ahead, TPBS Production looks to the future with confidence.
In 2022, the company plans to increase the output of products by at least 25% and expand the production facilities.