LLC «TPBS Production» builds relationships with employees respecting their rights and needs, in full compliance with the labor legislation of Ukraine.

The company has established a 40-hour working week for all categories of personnel and employees are guaranteed a full social package.

Employees who work in positions with harmful working conditions are provided with benefits in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and on the basis of the certification of workplaces.

An important priority for the plant is taking care of the life and health of our employees, therefore, special attention is paid to creating safe working conditions, activities are being carried out to prevent industrial injuries. In accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Ukraine, regular trainings on the safe performance of work, training in first aid in case of accidents at work are carried out, regular instructions on labor protection are carried out.

The managers of LLC «TPBS Production» are confident that people working in comfortable conditions feel care of themselves, are confident in the future, are ready to develop in their profession and achieve high performance, ensure the development and competitiveness of the entire company.

Therefore, with the social guarantees provided for by the labor legislation of Ukraine, LLC «TPBS Production» is developing its own social program, which plans to develop a housing program, provide loans and provide financial assistance to employees and their families in case of unforeseen and emergency situations.

The management of LLC «TPBS Production» understands the social responsibility of business and tries to provide favorable conditions for the development of society and the state through its activities. The main goal of social activity is to consistently improve the quality of life of our employees!


Anti-corruption program.